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h18 secondary impact fracture from initial rbd cache

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Hello everybody,


basically in h18 there is a sop based approach for fracturing , so my question is , is there an effecient fast way of making secondary fracture on impact from a "cached fractured bgeo sequence",

so there is the cached fractured geometry some pieces are moving and hitting the ground and some are static stay at the top (regular rbd sim),

to get a secondary fracture from the ones which hit the ground in an efficient fast approach , do you have any ideas with h18,

the imapct data give points which have been collided , so how do i get that data to fracture the cached bgeo sequence,

would be great to get any ideas with the sop bullet solver, or even using the usual dop aproach , the voronoi fracture configure object seems to be a bit unstable/slow (may be i am wrong) , 

one more question , with the vellum style approach 3 inputs , in the sop bullet solver , if i jump in the node and if i wanted to add a voronoi fracture configure object , would i connect it to the first input ? 


Thanks in advance 

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