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Semi regular parallel backup?

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While at a couple different studios (DD, FrameStore, DNeg) I think I correctly recall that they had a system setup on Linux where your smaller files (not caches) would be saved to daily in a ".backup" folder next to the folder being backed up


would be regularly backed up in (I think)


And is was like that for lots of directories. Or something like that. I can't exactly remember. And the search terms are so vague I can't find what this particular backup workflow is called. I can't even recall if they're on a separate disk or on the same disk as the original path.

This was really useful when trying to recover a mis-saved file or some other snafu and I'd love to implement it on my home machine, but what the freak is it?!


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19 hours ago, bunker said:

cron job?

Hahaha, yea, that's probably how it was implemented. That's how almost any regular function happens.

But sadly that doesn't help with my question. :(

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The winner is https://rsnapshot.org/

I finally remembered that the backup directories are ".snapshot" not ".backup"

And yes, a cron job 100%

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