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odd behavior of a digital asset in UE4

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Hi, I have encountered some odd behavior of a digital asset in UE4, could somebody please try and do the same to confirm, or maybe point at what am I doing wrong?
So, first of all, my Houdini version is  18.0.348 and UE is 4.24.1
I'm quite new to all houdini_to_UE related stuff so probably it is not a bug, but my misunderstanding of some core principles.
So I made an hda which has Sweep node inside and a profile curve; when I put it in the UE4 and use curve_input, it works but the resulting geometry appears squashed by one of the axes.
Oddly though, if I use PolyWire instead of Sweep in my asset it works just fine.

Screenshot 2020-02-03 15.40.45.png

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fixed it by placing 'Attribute Delete' to the stream where curve from UE4 will be connected.  

Just in case if somebody encounters the same bug)

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