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Reading/loading only part of a bgeo file on disk

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Hey guys (and gals),

I've been wondering recently if there is a way of reading only part of a bgeo file from the disk at a time. Ideally looking for some kind of vex command or similar. Houdini can already do something like this with FBX models (and apparently alembics although I have'nt tested this myself yet) in a file node by adding "#objectname" at the end of your filepath

example: path/to/your/file.fbx#sphere

The use case I was thinking of was if I wanted to create fractured pieces I could instance onto points and instead of writing out 100 bgeo files with the extra overhead in each, it would be neat if I could write them all out to one bgeo file and just call the piece I needed from the one bgeo file when I needed it.

I've tried doing this straight up with a bgeo and a bgeo.sc file (in case the .sc compression was hindering something) and have had no luck so far.

Is there a way of doing this you think?

Thanks for the read

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