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Run Python script after Houdini starts

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I am launching Houdini with subprocess:

HOUDINI = 'C:/Houdini 18.0.287/bin/houdinifx.exe'

How can I import a Python and run a necessary function after Houdini is launched (import open_asset; open_asset.open())? 

In Maya I can send MEL command to be executed after Maya starts (and import script with this command):

subprocess.Popen('C:/Maya 2019/bin/maya.exe', '-command', "python('execfile(\"path_to_the_script\"')")

How can I do something like this in Houdini? The 123.py is not a solution, because I don`t need to run a script each time, only in certain cases, and the scripts are different each time.
I need this to open an asset file from Shotgun, for example.

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I know that with the command line tool you can pass this and it executes the script in houdini (at least I tried now with just a print and it prints to the houdini console) :

houdini D:\path\to\myfile.hip D:\path\to\mycript.py 

So maybe you can feed the subprocess with :

subprocess.Popen("C:\path\to\houdini.exe", ["D:\path\to\myfile.hip", "D:\path\to\myscript.py"])



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subprocess.Popen([HOUDINI, ['C:/temp/script.py'], 'argument_one'])

That gives me what I need. The only thing I don't know how to run a function from script.py after import...

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I guess you can make 2 python files, one with your functions, and the other one where you source your module and execute the function you need. Like :

This is my module file where I have defined my functions

def __init__():
def myFunction():
	#Do your stuff
def myOtherFunction():
	#Do some other stuff


This is my file called by Houdini during the opening process

import myModule





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