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orientation of copied object to match the normal of the destination of copy to points

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I'm try to orient the pyramid object to follow the normals of the tube, each pyramid should face where the normal (of the primitive on the tube) is facing. Polyframe on the pyramid doesn't help. Now they are all facing the same way. The last image with the red arrows shows where the pyramids should be pointing. (there is a hip file at the end)


object to copy.JPG


copy to points.JPG


copy to points1.JPG

should be.JPG

orientation in copy to point.hiplc

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Hi there,


First of all, your N attribute need to be on point class instead of vertex. So in your normal sop adjust construct to add normal on points.

Second, if you are using pack sop to get the center point make sure you transfer N to the points. Cause the pack won't transfer attributes automatically.



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