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Volume Velocity Pump creating artifact

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I've been trying to solve something for over a year now and can't finish anything I"m doing because of one single problem...  I'm creating some curl noise on the surface of my object to break up the flip fluid sim...

using an Attribute VOP > Fluid Source set to Pump... typical setup.  Problem is... the bounding box of my object pushes up the flip fluid ... it seems to show up when I set particle separation  < .025 .. I tried inverting the volume and Scale Source Volume set to -1 ... didn't do anything... same problem. The whole bounding box of the object is colliding with the fluid along with the curl noise on my object ... so I'm getting this rectangular fluid raising like a border around my fluid sim while the curl noise around the geometry is working.  Any help on what's going on or is there some limitation to Houdini Apprentice would really help because I"ve been at a stand still with this for a long time and can't finish anything because of this ugly artifact.  Excuse these simple renders for I"m just a beginner with Houdini and don't know much, but as you can see... the black outlines the bounding box around the volume (shark facing to  your right)... you can see the stratified layers from the movement of the box through the fluid... the other one is (shark facing to your left) @ .025 and the box doesn't appear...  Thanks!





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attach renders to show artifact

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Okay... I tried setting up Volume Velocity using the H17 nodes, and I'm still getting the Volume Velocity Bounding Box in the fluid... forms a rectangle around the shark.

The curl noise functions around the shark like it should, but it's still picking up the Velocity Volume Bounding Box, or the Velocity Vector Field outside the Shark is still there and somehow has to be masked out? I'm bringing the volume velocity into the flip solver (3rd input) via a popadvectbyvolumes node. Can someone please help me fix this so I can finish this simulation ? thanks!





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added volume velocity setup

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