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Adam Ferestad

Redshift ROP throwing an error when I try to put it down

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RS 3.0.13 and RS 3.0.16 tested and both fail.

Houdini 18.0.287


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Redshift", line 1, in <module>
  File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.287/houdini/python2.7libs\roptoolutils.py", line 10, in createRenderNode
    rop = hou.node('/out').createNode(rop_type, exact_type_name=True)
  File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.287/houdini/python2.7libs\houpythonportion\ui.py", line 851, in decorator
    return func(*args, **kwargs)
  File "C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.287/houdini/python2.7libs\hou.py", line 9251, in createNode
    return _hou.Node_createNode(*args, **kwargs)
OperationFailed: The attempted operation failed.
Invalid node type name

I have absolutely no idea what is going on and I need to get a scene put together to test for work in the next 24 hours.  Any clues?

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I believe I was using 3.0.6 last week and didn't have issues, so unless you need something in the latest betas, is downgrading an option?  You could check on the Redshift forums, maybe it's a compatibility issue?  Would be good to let the devs know.

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Yeah, I need it to be 3.0.13 specifically and a coworker has gotten it working on their system. It is something specific to me apparently. 

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You could double-check your houdini.env settings, sometimes the $HOUDINI_VER doesn't match the specific build of Houdini you're using for the Redshift plugin.  Try replacing this with the exact path to the RS plugin that's compatible with your Houdini build.

For example: on a recent project, we were locked to version 2.6.48, which doesn't have a specific build for Houdini 17.5.425, so I needed to change this plugin path to point to the latest houdini build instead (17.5.360).  While this isn't guaranteed to work, it did in this case, and was able to run the older RS plugin with the newer Houdini build.

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