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Help with porcedural building

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Hello :)

I'm working on a procedural building and actually i'm stuck with something. I've tried many thing but it doesn't work.
I'm trying to add or remove the number of the window when I change the size of the building.
I've wrote this and i've tried to add an offset to keep a space between 2 windows but I didn't find how.

vector mypt = getbbox_size("../box1")/getbbox_size("../box2"); //box2(window), box1(building)
float dist = distance(@P, mypt);
if(dist > ch("distance")){
removepoint(0, @ptnum);
if(dist < ch("distance")){
addpoint(0, @ptnum);

Is someone can help me with that :)
Thank you



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With vector mypt you're kind of finding how many small boxes fit into a bigger one...

But distance from a point to that vector (mypt) doesn't make any sense.

You should start from this.

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