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Bullet Soft Constraints Attributes stay 0

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Hey guys,

I am currently working with bullet soft constraints and am using the angle, distance, force and torque attributes to determine when to break the soft constraints. I am facing an issue through where a lot of the soft constraints attributes are all 0 and they all stay 0 throughout the sim. Usually they will initialize and update even if the constraint stays relatively still so I don't this think is normal behavior. I've been trying to get it working for the past few days as well as googling around but my google-fu and troubleshooting efforts have turned up very little, so I now turn to you guys. The weird thing is that some of the constraints work just fine, but most of them seem to not work properly.

I've added my file if someone wants to donate their time to have a look at it. The sim can be found in /obj/Primary_RBD_Sim/dopnet1. The constraints responsible for most of the movement is the "brick-mortar" constraints, so I usually add that to the geo spreadsheet's group field. I have tiried to lock the heaviest cooking nodes (hence the file size), but if the scene cook's a lot when opening or if the geo is missing, have a look at the "Lock"-flag here /obj/Create_House_Constraints/OUT_PRIMARY_RDB_SIM_CONSTRAINTS and /obj/Pre_Fracture_House/OUT_PRE-FRACTURED_BUILDING and obj/Create_House_Geometry/OUT. As a final note, there is a few wrangles that are controlling the stiffness of the constraints here /obj/Primary_RDB_Sim/dopnet1/UPDATING_CONSTRAINTS

The file was created using houdini 17.5.173.

Thanks for the read. Any suggestions or any thoughts is much appreciated.



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