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Spark Emitter Traveling up Lit Fuse

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Hopefully this will be simple, but I'm having a hard time finding a solution.

I have a simulated vellum string that's pinned to an animated point at one end, while the other end dangles freely. I want to "ignite" the string by having it disappear progressively starting at the free end (I think I already figured this out; All I have to do is animate the First U in the Carve node). However, I'd also like to have a particle emitter travel along the string at the same rate that it disappears, spitting out sparks to enhance the burning effect. How could one achieve this?

In case my explanation wasn't clear enough, I drew this picture:Fuse.png.6b3a2cee843442253a4573484732692a.png

And I included my .hip file.


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One way is to split a new network chain off of the carve. If you drop down a delete and keep only point #0. You can copy your fuse element to that point and it will move with the carve. Merge that with your polywire for the dual effect.



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