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Making Flour with Vellum Grains

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For my university’s VFX film, I am trying to achieve Flour Effect and currently I am a bit stuck. The problem I have is that I want to make flour to have clumps, like in my reference ( shorturl.at/ghCF1 ). What I am trying to do is create noise with different Cd and make red points to be clumped together, for that I am using Glue, also I am increasing mass attribute. I want clumped points to fall harder than normal ones (for that I am reducing attraction weight to 0), but it still sticks together with other points and I think it's because of friction of all points, but I can't find the way how to change static threshold for only red points in a POP wrangle.

Also for my look dev I am making points into volume, but it gives more snow/salt look and increasing density doesn't help, maybe there are any tips and tricks how to achieve more floury look ?Thank you :)






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