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Alembic export 3 floats vs vector

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I export particles from my particle sim from Houdini as an Alembic file. Some attributes have three floats instead of vector or color, e.g. pprevious, targetv, all the attributes which are 3flt and have no further description. If I now try to read these attributes in my Maya plugin, I can see that they are defined as float arrays instead of vector arrays. Usually in alembic a vector or color is exported as a float array (one for each point) attribute with extent 3, in the mentioned cases the attribute is exported as float array with extent 1:

vector attribute like position or color: float extent 3 attribute len = 1

3 floats attribute like pprevious, targetv: float extent 1 attribute len = 3

This makes it complicated to read these attributes correctly. Of course I could convert all of these attributes to vector before export, but this seems not to be the correct way, I'd prefer to find a way to read these attributes correctly. Does anyone has an idea how I could find out the correct type from alembic API?

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Okay, I found it in the Houdini plugin in the alembic repository.

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