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Forloop in a Forloop

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Hello Houdini geniouses!


I have a setup that im almost done with here, but i am struggling to finish it, because im having a hard time combining two forloops...


Can anyone take a look and see what obvious thing im missing? Am i going about this the wrong way?


I am doing the tutorial from COMPLEX ROADS IN HOUDINI - Dokai


But i want to be able to make more than one intersection, so ive figured out which part i need to loop over but i just cannot combine the two forloops...




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your loops were not exactly within each other, just one after another and the first loops were single pass only anyway

here is reorganized file, purely to make it work, some intersection shapes seem to be "inverted" so you may further need to work on the logic


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Big Thanks Tomas!

Now when i look at it seems so obvious and why didnt i just do it this way. havent used forloops much in Houdini.


The inverted intersections seem to be a problem of the point order of the intersection points, trying to figure out a way to sort them for all to be normal.

Still havent figured that one out yet, i just know that if i press reverse point sort it fixes some of them, so i am guessing the isue is the point order.

Thank you!!! :wub:


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