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COP Workflow - $F fails to update

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I'm using a "file" node to load files, but because of my weird naming of the sequence, I've read the file sequence using a custom VEX expression. I have a slider, and depending on the slider, numbers (in the middle of the file name, such as File_0001_reflections_dark.exr) update.

When I drag the slider, I can see different frames being loaded.


My initial idea was to connect this to a ROP node and export every frame using $F - however when I type in $F for my slider, I get a big cross instead of the image itself. It does not error, it just looks like it's not "loading" for some reason.


I believe this is because of some performance option? If there is a setting to force updates, I'd love to know! Or if I'm missing something very basic please enlighten me!



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Looks like the image data and resolution is correct, and there, it's only the frame that "looks" missing.

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Try with this:




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