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Hey guys!

I am in a pickle.. Does anyone have an idea or directions on how to achieve a spiral staircase with a oblong or rounded rectangle approach?

I am relatively new to Houdini but I made some progress by created rounded rectangle then using a for-loop to offset each point in a spiral. However this gives me no control over the landings at each level and feels inefficient.

Found 100's of spiral staircase tutorials which does not go into anything that isn't circular. Would love any thoughts you guys may have on achieving this.

Attached some screenshots of my manual attempt..5e7be97d7c73c_CentralCoretopview.thumb.JPG.7c219ab595927e5d863e982bc21376f2.JPGmanual_stairs.thumb.JPG.b28aadcbf9bf840d93836dea1baa60b6.JPG

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Posted (edited)

Here is a procedural VEX & Group appoach for an "oblong spiral" curve
You can use it to distribute the setps



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