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Hi all I'm stuck with this. What is the best way to mix two fluids that have different parameters (i.e viscosity)? Both will have different shadings. Any ideas. Attached reference scene. Thank you very much to all


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 My goal is to make a river, to which I am going to do the shading with an ocean surface and ocean volume. To this river I want to pour a liquid with viscosity.  I also want to do an independent shading to this liquid.

How far I have come is:
I have made the river using a flip solver, and put it inside the flip object as an initial state.
I introduce the viscosity liquid in the same dopnet, through a volume source.
So I have the perfect collisions between the two liquids. If to both emitters I place a color node at the sop level, in the final cache I will have this information, but I do not want a simple color, I want to be able to do a good shading to each of the liquids.
The problem is that I can't separate them to be able to do the shading independently. I have tried removing the viscosity attribute after the flip fluid source in maya, but the result is not good.

I would appreciate some help.

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Use split node after the dop import fields, select your stream of particles and do the cachei  independently


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