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Fur glitching out towards center of the world

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Hello, I've been having an issue with rendering fur in H18. As you can see in the attached image, the fur is glitching out and is transformed to the origin. There is no issue with the hair in the viewport but the problem comes up in the bucket as well as ipr render. I've tried turning off individual nodes in the hair generate node but no luck. If I create a new hair generate node the problem is fixed and If I revert to a much older saved file the problem is fixed but I'm hoping there is a simpler fix. Any ideas? Thanks. 


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okay a few things to try when this glitch happens...

1. lower the decay influence in the hair gen node(I had mine on 10 and lowered it to 1, this fixed the problem)

2. disable the guide groom (the lift, cut, etc brush tool) inside the guide groom. 

3. disable the partition guide node in the guide groom node. Also note that the guide partition node doesn't work on hair clumping, if you have hair clump nodes in your hair gen it will break the guide partition. The alternative to using a guide partition is to split the

groom into different groups.


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