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Chalky Colorful Explosion - not colliding

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Hi Everybody!

I have been following this amazing tutorial done by Vladislav Lavrenov.

Everything works just fine but I'm trying to do some personal variants to this.

I was trying to make the whole simulation collide with an object, in particular with a wall. I achieved in doing so but for some reason any geometry that gets put inside my popnet as a static obj gets taken by it as a new source of particle emission.

Each point of the static obj is emitting particles or a piece of geometry of my voronoid fracture. I can't undestand how to via vex how to ignore the static obj geometry.


Here in attachment are some screenshots of what happens... as you can see on the wall points there are particles that shouldn't be there.

I guess everything is happening in my copy node and the voronoid geo gets copied in every point of the scene... but why, and how can I fix it? I'm really stuck and need somebody with more experience to help please.


Here is also a copy of the project. Thanks in advance for the help!!!!







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I think there's a coupla ways:

01) in your popnet before the copy1, set Object to pop* so it takes the pop object only ....not the board and kitchen sink with it.


02) after your extractcentroid, add a group, group all points as emitters, then in your copy1, Template group drop down, select the emitters only (if the dropdown doesn't show the emitters ?...type it in...you KNOW it's there)

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the pop* is better IMO...because you want to get back only what's needed and also with the group method...sooner or later you'll come across tutes that recommend cleaning up your data. ie. pruning out what's no longer needed and that includes deleting groups and attribs etc...etc....So if you go the pop* method....that's one less group you're carrying along.

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