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triplaner inside of PointVop

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for a way to use a tri planar projection inside of pointVop. is there a quick way or did someone build it already ?
Trying to displace geo based on maps but have to export it as geo and not just on rendertime.

Found someone on reddit with the same question and a solution, but i am not really getting it. still at the basics of wrangle and dot products xD



"As you said, I ended up just making my own tri-planar-like solution. In a wrangle, I created float attributes on each point based on dot products with the Y, X, and Z axes.

Then in the VOP I'm using different mixtures of P components as UV values (P.x, P.y; P.y, P.z; P.z, P.x) that I feed into separate texture nodes which have my displacement map. Then I use the attributes I created earlier to modulate how much influence each axis has on that particular point."


Someone here, that could help me out ?

at the moment i am just creating different planar uvs set (top, side, front) and planning to blend it based on the uv borders, but that probably only works on simple shapes.

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no, unfortunatly not. but thank you for the reply :)
looking for a way, to transfer the same approach out of the shading context to a PointVop.
i needed to create a displaced geometry for further modifactions or for example as a ground for scattering. if i do it on render time, the polygons dont match the render results.
so it am mostly looking for a way to create this rgb mask inside of a vop or a wrangle to blend different maps inside of the point vop.

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Hi Daniel,

have you looked inside the UV planar project node yet? Just right-click and 'Allow editing of contents'. Then you can analyze, copy or rewrite things you need.

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i found a way to do it.
just blending 3 different planar uv projects with the help of 3 dot products. works quite nice. a few small tweaks and then i will share it here, in case someone has the same question

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