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Nicholas Ralabate

Question about hair shader source

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Hi all,


I am trying to level up my Mantra knowledge by digging into the source code for some of the shading VOPs I use all the time.  I am a bit stuck though on two things:


1.  When I right click and choose "Type Properties" on pbrhair_tt I see that it calls the VEX function hair(), but when I look at the source code for that function (in $HH/vex/Surface) it in turn is calling wireblinn() and wirediffuse().  I cannot find the definition for those two files anywhere.  Where should I be looking?

2. I see that there is a hair_eval.vfl and a hair_sample.vfl in $HH/vex/CVex...  these seem to define the bsdf, but I don't understand the connection of the hair() function mentioned above and this bsdf function.  How do they call each other?  Or is Mantra in charge of calling them both separately, in which case how does the shading VOP know to associate these two things?


I really appreciate any leads, this isn't a production thing I'm just super curious and spelunking around trying to make connections.


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