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Endlessly blooming succulents - How do you would start?

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Hi there,

hope everbody is healthy and stays save at home...

I found this great stuff on twitter:

How would do you start to build this nice endless blooming in houdini? I can imagine there ar thousends of different ways to do this and I don't expecct a working solution.

Because I'm relative new to houdini, I want to talk about principales ways to do this.

So, my thoughts are... Build one animated "leave" thats travel around a basic shape, in this case a sphere.

With this you can copy/stamp it around the basic sphere, offset the positions and timeshift the animation.

The nice part in the beginning, when the "leaves" start growing and push apart each other, could be some kind of vellum.

The black stems looks like simple scaling along traveling.

What are your thoughts?

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