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Find collision particle

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I am trying to do something which I thought was going to be easy but turns out its not.

If I have a simple particle sim of 1000 particles, and only 30% are colliding with an object. How do I isolate those 30 % of particles before and after it hits.

I can easily find the particle only AFTER it hits using the attributes from the pop collision detect in dops. However, I don't know how to isolate those particles BEFORE it has hit while also deleting the particles that never hit to begin with. ...

I tried a couple methods but I ended up with a basic solver setup by merging in the previous frame and doing a simple comparison of ids but still nothing...My thought process was that since I know the id number of the collision particle, I can find that same id number before it hits and isolate it.. no success. 

I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thank you

find_collision particle.hipnc

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haven't looked at the file and probably not capable of solving but are you saying...predict those that WILL hit and delete them before actual sim to make the sim faster ?

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@ronit1996 This is exactly it thank you sir !!

@Noobini - not to make it go faster its more for art directing purposes. Its for after the sim has taken place. 

Thanks !!

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