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Houdini 17.5 VAT RBD sim to Unreal Simulations not matching

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Im new to Houdini to Unreal and been following the webinar video by Luiz. However after following it seems I can't get my sim to work in Unreal. I can export fine, apply shaders etc, but the result is extremely bizarre which I assume is due to an issue with the BBOX MIN and MAX values. Or something to do with my orients/pivots exporting the wrong values.

I found a thread where someone made a pretty handy VAT RBD pipeline but even after following that I still was unable to get it to work correctly.

I was wondering if someone could take a look at my files and see if you can see any issues with what im bringing in or if you can get it to work.


P.s Also noticed my fantastic typo which I apologies for xD


Also a picture to show to issue im having. As you can see the BBOX values from Houdini to Unreal are the same so wondering why this issue is arising.






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Hey this tutorial series is good to check out, but I did have similar issues with the VAT rop sometimes giving glitchy min/max and pivot values. Im using H18 with UE4.26, but knowing how fast SideFX is with changes, they may have already fixed it in the latest update. Also keep in mind the tools are still in beta.


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