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konstantin magnus

Grouping unshared "in-line" edges

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How would you procedurally group "entry" edges as shown in the picture below? Ideally a user-defined number of connected unshared edges within a straight line stopping at corners. 


The ways I have found seem overly complicated.



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Posted (edited)

Hey :)

Just something I would do in a wrangle or group expression SOP

//  running over points:

@group_entryPt = neighbourcount(0, @ptnum)==2;


then you just add a group promote, converting it to an edge group (with the checkbox ticked of only include complete entities (or whatever it was called, don't have hou open atm :P))


That should at least work for the single extreme edge-entry points.

For the doubles and up, you probably have to do a bit more,
but generally speaking, using the amount of neigbours of a point and the amount of vertices on a point together should work on "2d" geometry, I think ;)
but you may have to create the groups directly in vex, to avoid grouping unintended edges.

But to avoid selecting edges on both sides of a corner separately, you would have to add additional logic (as soon as you allow those double-edge entry points)
if its only 1 and 2 edges you probably can get away with case-by-case handling, if you want to go up to an arbitrary amount of edges, its just will have to get more complicated I guess :P

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