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Animate voronoi pieces using source fracture points

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Probably a fairly simple answer to this one...  I've scattered my source points onto a grid and fractured an identical grid using a voronoi fracture.  I have a Point VOP which I've created which animates those source points.  What Id like to do is have each of the fractured voronoi pieces follow the animation of it's associated fracture source point.   Hip is attached.  How would I go about this? 

Thanks for the help



EDIT:  I achieved what I needed using the Assemble SOP, and applying my Point Vop directly to the packed geo.  Though I am still curious to know, without an assemble SOP, how you would assign a group of @name:piece* primitives to a follow the fracture points?  


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I think that your solution of Packed fragment by Assemble SOP is the best. Packed fragment system just exist transform many static geometry like this one efficiently.
Another way is Transform Pieces SOP , VEX transform matrix method...
Just now I prepare H18 new method by Copy SOP's variant option.
The source point of the Voronoi split is not always in the center of the generated piece, so it needs to be fixed.



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