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how to get particle points angle difference between previous frame

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 just learn houdini particle.

i am a beginner

in this project i use particles points then use copy to points node , boxs to make up model.

like this picture



however the problem is 

i find some box jitter very unacceptable

so i Calculate the points distance between previous frame in solver node

if the distance less than 0.05,then the point do not move

this way make the points jitter less

however i need calculate the angle distance between previous frame also


i do not know how to calculate the rotation difference

let`s say ,if the rotation difference less then 0.1,then the point do not rotate.

bellow is the project file



thanks for your help



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what you can do is to create a 3x3 transform matrix that will tell houdini what orientation has your instance from your normal


vector y = v@N;
vector x = normalize(cross(y, set(0, 1, 0)));
vector z = normalize(cross(x, y));

3@transform = set(x, y, z);


Houdini has priorities for points orientation from higher to lower priority it is :

matrix3 transform

vector4 orient

and then a combinaison of vectors like : v@N / up or v@v / up


the main problem i see is points jittering not really points orientation

i attached you a file, hope it is what you intended


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