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[htoa] Instanced .ass files not showing shaders

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Hello everyone!

I have a problem with instancing .ass files again, so maybe someone can help out on this 1f603.png

After I have now managed to properly instance the caches the way I want, I just noticed that shaders are not coming through when using the "Instance" node - it is all the same default shader. However, it works when loading in the .ass files individually using the Arnold Procedural node, so it is probably not an exporting issue.

I know that there is an attribute for the instance node to point to a shop net, but in my case the .ass files including shading are coming from Maya, so this is unfortunately not an option.

I also already set the plugin/shader path for the mtoa shaders in arnold ROP and they are coming through properly when loading the procedurals individually

Any ideas?

Image below shows the procedural loaded individually (dark grey shader) and the second one through instance not (all default shader). Using Houdini 17.5 with htoa 4.4

2020-05-03 14_07_04-958399475 - AnyDesk.png

2020-05-03 14_09_17-958399475 - AnyDesk.png

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it only works on point instaner nodes (objects level) anyway.
everything inside SOP is mostly only supported by sidefx.  Arnold, Renderman, redshift does not support it... --> happen is sop level, stays in the sop level :D

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