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ReSeed FLIP Only When Points Are Above Waterline

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Hello Houdini pros!

I'm using the FLIP Solver's Reseeding feature, but it doesn't seem to be applying enough reseeding in the areas that count.

It is reseeding the entire FLIP tank, where I'm really only needing the detail in the splash.

Current train of thought:

  • Create group of particles that are above the waterline (my current method isn't great, as it groups all points above P.y 0.01)
  • Apply reseeding only to that group.

Have had a search around online and have found one person talking about this, but not how to impliment it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Kev, I did see the comment on Entagmas video. That's what got me thinking about the posibility of reseeding only in particular areas.

Thanks for the link to the thin sheet thread. I will have a search through there to hopefully find some more information.

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