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Exporting cameras as alembic using a ROP

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Hi folks, I'm trying to find a tidy way to export a camera as an alembic using a ROP so that we can use it inside Nuke. At the moment I've already tried:

  • just putting the camera into my alembic ROP like normal geo
  • object_merge the camera so that it's inside a geo node, then putting that into the alembic ROP

Neither of these methods produce something I can open in Nuke.

I know I can use the File>export method (and that *does* work with this camera), but I'm building a library which needs to use and export lots of cameras and would like something that I can set up as part of my HDAs rather than manually doing each one (ugh)



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For some reason I couldn't get it to work using the SOP path settings, but it DOES work when I use

root object = /obj

objects = path/to/camera

and turn on 'Build hierarchy from attribute'.

Phew, that's a relief! Now to export thirty different cameras...

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