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Alembic cache to be simulated in dops

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Bonjour, hope you all doing great.
i can't get an alembic geo to be simulated in dops .. however if i made a simple animated geo with keyframe animation,i can switch from being active in dops and reading the animation but it doesn't work with alembic..

should i be baking the alembic to keyframes or how it works?

Thank you.

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Have you converted it to geo first? If you stick a convert node after you load in the alembic then it will turn it into geo you can use. (You can use an unpack before the convert if there are attributes you want to extract into your geo).

If you need velocities you'll also need to put down a trail sop set to 'calculate velocity' after the convert (assuming you have a consistent animated mesh).

If you've already done these things, I'd need to know a bit more about what you're trying to do in dops before I can work out what's wrong.


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