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pyro Sparse + openCL

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01) simple FX

02) simple fireball

03) works a treat...

04) Solving>Advance> Use OpenCL....won't work because in Sparsity, Sparse is enabled as per Help: Sparse does not work with OpenCL


OpenCL acceleration is currently only supported in dense mode (when Enable Sparse Solving is disabled).


05) enable editing of pyrosolver, dive into dopnet1, in Advanced, Sparsity, note the pyrosolver still have both openCL and Sparse enabled AND a nice big red error sign

06) hit play, it works !?!?!?!?! so what is really happening ? is it kosher ? is it flatly ignoring user's request of Sparse and running in dense mode under the hood ?

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addendum: there are 2 places where Sparse is enabled, the solver and the object. so when they say OpenCL and Sparse combo won't work, I guess they mean OpenCL + solver Sparse + object Sparse

disable either solver Sparse or object Sparse = NO Sparse

conversely, Sparse = both object + solver sparse must be on.

(could be wrong, just starting with pyro here)

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