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Why are flip particles appearing where they're not being emitted in my scene?

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I have a deforming collider with a Flip Fluid being emitted on it. It has some small movements to it but nothing too drastic.

It almost works well, but for some reason particles seems to "randomly" appear in locations where they're not being emitted. What's causing these particles to suddenly appear? I'd like to kill them in some kind of automated way, but I'd also like to understand why it's happening. 


I'm using almost completely default settings but I have:

Change the grid size

Increased sub-steps

Made sure my collision object was water tight

Increased particle separation (This seemed to make the issue MUCH more visible actually)

Kill droplets (This seemed to kill way to much and left a lot of the stray particles)

Disable reseeding


Here's an example of what I'm talking about (These screen caps are 1 frame apart)



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Is there a method for killing particles with sporadic movement?

The thing that confuses me most is if reseeding is off, that would mean these particles are coming from somewhere, but they truly look like they're being generated somehow since they continue to appear on top of my collision object? Perhaps previously trapped inside my collision or something and being moved to the top of the object. 

Worst case I could find a method to manually remove them I suppose. I tried grouping and deleting them outside of the POPnet but since the particle numbers are changing they reappear next frame.  Any help with either of those methods would be awesome. 

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