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ACM Transactions on Graphics "Generalized non-reflecting boundaries for fluid re-simulation"

How do I build the HDK for this paper?

website: http://alas.dk/publications/2016/GNRBfFRS/

Download HDK Source Code: http://pub.ist.ac.at/group_wojtan/projects/2016_Bojsen-Hansen_GNRBfFRS/2016_Bojsen-Hansen_GNRBfFRS.zip

I tried halfway through with Visual Studio 2015 and it looked like I could build with Houdini 17.0, but I got so many errors with Houdini 18.
I'm a beginner in programming, but I'm very interested in the HDK for this paper and would like to install it on Houdini.
Thank you.

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Posted (edited)


with the use of cmake for windows and some minor changes I got the code compiled with VS2017 and Houdini 18.0.460. I attached the dll to this message if you just like to try it out. 

Kind Regards, Paul


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