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connecting parameters in python

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I've been having trouble trying to replicate the "copy parameter/paste relative references" process of referencing parameters from one node to another in python. I understand you can write an expression in the parameter like: evalParm('../box1/tx') but I'd like to be able to do this in the python source editor. 

This chunk of code copies the translate x from box1 and pastes the value into sphere1's tx, however it doesn't connect the two like the expression above does.

boxy = hou.node('/obj/testGeo/box1')
ball = hou.node('/obj/testGeo/sphere1')
ball.setParms({'tx':boxy.evalParm('tx'), 'ty':0.55})

Essentially I want the parameters to be linked so that if I change box1 tx, sphere1 tx is also changed. Any ideas on what I'm missing to make that connection permanent? 

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just use parm() instead of evalParm()
ball.setParms({'tx':boxy.parm('tx'), 'ty':0.55})

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