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only one point from neibourhood and has maxmum ptNum from them.(VOP)

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hi, i have a question.
does PointCloudOpen get some points?(parameter:Number of points > 1)

can i get only one point has maxmum ptNum from them ?

the point is 'c5' in this image.

points on circle c0~c5

points on line L0~02

the line position is center of the circle.

distance from L0~L2 to c0~c5 is same.




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Ah man, I would also love to have something like that in VOP -s,( i see better somehow in vop-s) its the same thing I know , but I love Vops.

play with this endless possibility :wub:



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Hi, I am not skilled in vops, but here is the vex code, and file is attached.

The principle is:
For each found point (pciterate, while loop), you pcimport the point.number, and set this point.number to the "max_ptnum" attrib, only if currently iterated point.number is bigger than what is already stored in this attrib (all previously found point.numbers). At the end, you should have max_ptnum of all the found points.

In the Set Attribute VOP, it is called Merge Mode: Maxiumum


string Pchannel  = "P";
vector P         = @P;
float  radius    = 10.0;   // search within this radius
int    input     = 1;      // search in this input
int    maxpoints = npoints(1);
int    handle    = pcopen(input, Pchannel, P, radius, maxpoints);

while( pciterate(handle) == 1 )
    int found_ptnum;
    pcimport(handle, "point.number", found_ptnum); 
    // next line stores the found_ptnum, only if it is bigger then previously found
    setpointattrib(0, "max_ptnum", @ptnum, found_ptnum, "max");





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in this case, i will using VEX  as you said.

i have tried using VOP-while,

VOP-while is very hard for understand.


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