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Growth animations?

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Hi all,

I’ve been able to make fairly random recursive growths but these are next level with the detailed precise in the ridges and expansion.

in the comments of this last post for instance, the author suggests it’s the use of curveu & poly extrusion. Could anyone elaborate on this? Ideally I could read about VEX and curveU somewhere to understand better but I am yet to find a resource like this.

I feel it might be easier to grasp these concepts through an example though, so if anyone could explain the above animations that would great! If not pointing me to something to read/watch would also be amazing!

thanks in advance ODforce :-) 

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Wow incredible reference points there, thanks @Librarian I've since understood exactly what I want. 

I want to create, as seen here, https://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/blog/?p=6721 

I tried some of the ideas that these people have done - like the differential line growth by Entagma - but instead I grouped points that I wanted growth to be concentrated on in order to specify growth at a specified location. But it hasn't worked yet! :( the simulation goes quite erratic for some reason. I will keep trying.

Any ideas? 

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