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trying to learn more VEX.. but how would i do this ...

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Trying to learn more complicated VEX .. this is an example..

and the color here is Cd=  {1,0,.2}

as you can see below, I did a @Cd.b==0.2 and made a group .**this works **


but the question is ..

how do  i do something more complicated. i want to create a group with this

(@Cd.r==1) && (@Cd.g==0) && (@Cd.b==0.2)




but see the error, when i try >> (@Cd.r==1) && (@Cd.g==0) && (@Cd.b==0.2)



ps: this is only an example. i want to do a little but more complicated VEX without a wrangle or without multiple nodes.. thanks in advance





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Posted (edited)

well, this is not VEX, it's a group syntax
have a look at "Group syntax" in the help

this seems to work @Cd.r=1,@Cd.g=0,@Cd.b=.2
and you don't need "==" because it's not VEX

and this is VEX (in a wrangle)



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