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Simulating Cannon with recoil from Pyro

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Boa noite :)

I would like to simulate a cannon that is shooting.
The pyro itself of course but also the recoil that moves the cannon like in that video:


Is there a way, that the blast can simulate recoil and pushes the cannon back like seen in the video?

Maybe there is some Tutorial out there, that has a similar topic?

I guess I have to constrain the wheels and the other parts, so that the cannon reacts physical "correct" to the blast?

Thanks alot!

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I have one more question about the physics of smoke from a cannon.


When the smoke is emerging the exit of the cannon, its not just going straight. I dont know the english word for what happens there. Hope you understand what I mean.
When I simulate the smoke out of the cannon, it only goes straight and it doesnt look realistic.

How can I get the effect like seen in the video at 3:07?
Of course I could "fake" it by using a tube that emits the smoke in that (circular) direction.
But I am interested in how to simulate that behavor - and also why that happens. Air pressure?

And another question.... what is the best way to simulate these crazy velocity when the smoke comes out and than "stop" it?

When I simulate the smoke with a very high velocity, it again looks very strange. But I want it to get blasted out and than instantly stop to get these cannon smoke effect.... so not just going straight into one direction.


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Looks like you are trying to overcomplicate your task.
Use standard techniques in particles sourcing according to reference and play with pyro look. Add more substeps because of fast motion. That's all.

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