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mesh deformation by source mesh with changing point count

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hi everyone!

I have a cached mesh seq (with variable pointcount each frame), however i am trying to get the animation on a mesh with constant point count and with (as minimal as possible) point position deviation form previous frame for each next frame.
I am not sure if the pointdeform node is the right tool (which is in the way i tried in the attached file, and i couldn't make it work), or there might be a completely different approach.

please halp!




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4 hours ago, Noobini said:

i tried, but probably not good enough i'd say.


Hi Vusta,

Appreciate the time you took to have a look and give it a go, unfortunately this won't serve the purpose all the way. (as that mesh is a shard from a bigger object).
I should have mentioned, I did try earlier the ray sop and the minpos function which yields almost exactly the same result as the ray sop. (and vellum drape + vellum to sort of make it a "skintight" cloth- couldn't get that to work for me either so far)



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