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grouping primitives with bounding region

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an object with voronoichunks. Part of them should set to active for the DOP via a bounding region group. But this kind of grouping just work with pointgroups. How could I select a couple of objects from the chunks via an third object i.e. a box or sphere wich I could move afterward? Elegant would be an approach via pointwrangles: "if it ist inside the region so set it to active..."; so I need the syntax for: "is it inside" [bounding region?],  like that. And of yourse the approach with sops... or maybe grouping the points from packed objects and ...or a proxy with placeholder points for the chunks... and, and, and... canot figure it out.

Thank you in advance.

edit: found one here:is point inside geo?
but isnt this example laboirous for my needs? Dont know..

edit: the sop way is solved, was my mistake. But I'am heavily interested in the vex way...




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