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Set values of a multiparm folder

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Hi all,

I have a hard time understanding how to programmatically add values to a multiparm folder.
I want to add new items to a multiparm I added on my HDA. I can see all sorts of code for multiparm template groups and how to construct and add them to a node, but hardly any code that actually adds data to the multiparm.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!


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Found it, the magic bullet was multiParmInstances and insertMultiParmInstance

    p = obj.parm('folders')
    instances = p.multiParmInstances()
    for i in range(9):
        num_instances = p.evalAsInt()

Adds 9 new entries to multiparm block. If you use the naming scheme on the parms like value_# each parm name will increment and you can set values on them like normal.


Or something similar.




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