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Transform Pieces with a fractured Mixamo animation not really working properly!

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I seem to be having a small issue with the 'transform pieces' SOP not working as it should. I have a mixamo animation that I have fractured and I use a 'point deform' to get the animation back onto the fractured geo. I want to use the 'transform pieces' SOP to convert my proxy geo to my hi res geo. Whenever I do that the whole thing freaks out. I have also tried freezing the pivot and copying it back to the 'dop import' points. Using the rest points does not work either. If anyone knows how to solve this problem then please let me know! Thanks in advance!5ef0bc7856467_SS2.thumb.jpg.72210af7b1ad79703ee582977a777dd6.jpg5ef0bc760b646_SS1.thumb.jpg.5dcf6e8a47e2469e9420bf94f3c61077.jpg5ef0bc7b79039_SS3.thumb.jpg.dbf5abeffe7af026c52d49cfe9511bb8.jpg

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