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VEX: find the max of the max of bounding boxes of connected pieces

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For each connected piece, get the bounding box, find the axis with the maximum scale and remember just the number. Say e.g. a box is 18 by 3 by 2, a grid is 4 by 7, a sphere is 15 by 15 by 15 then we need 18, 15, and 7.

Then find the max of these maxs (18 vs 7 vs 15) and assign it to an attribute, such that we end up f@maxattrib = 18.

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Put to point wrangle 

int pts[] = neighbours(0,@ptnum);
float dists[];

foreach(int pt; pts){
    vector pos = point(0,"P",pt);
    vector dir = pos-@P;
    float dist = length(dir);
dists = sort(dists);
float d = dists[-1]; //longest 

in first input connect all bounding boxes

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