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Vellum Stopped Attribute Not Staying Active On Transfer

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Take a look at the above example.
I'm transferring the Vellum i@stopped attribute to some cloth that is covering an object. I'm using a flat grid that animates top down over the surface while transferring the attributes.

My issue is the i@stopped attribute is turning off again as the pieces of cloth fall away, outside the range of the attribute transfer.
Is there a way for me to transfer the attributes and have them stay on the Vellum cloth once they've been transferred, no matter where they float away to in the scene?


File attached (apologies it's 9mb - The statue geo is frozen in the scene).



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Posted (edited)

with minimal changes it would be :

1. initialize stopped to 1 on your cloth

- so add point wrangle before /obj/Cloth/OUT_Vellum_GEO: i@stopped=1;

2. make your /obj/Cloth/dopnet1/sopsolver1/attribtransfer1 work only on stopped, to forbid it to stop already unstopped once they get close to the unstopped  value again

- so change dest group to Points and set group to: @stopped=1

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