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Can @group_NAMEOFGROUP be a variable?

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In a point wrangle I create a new group, say mynewgroup, and set membership of it based on some criterion.  Later in the wrangle I want to test for membership of that new group.  I can't use inpointgroup because that looks backward to the previous node, where the newly created group doesn't exist.  So, instead I use


to test for a point's membership of the new group mynewgroup.  To use @group_ syntax I need to hard code the mynewgroup into it.

What if the name of the new group depends on the outcome of some code inside the wrangle so that I need to create the new group name on the fly?

I'd like to be able to use something like

string newgroup = concat('group_', 'mynewgroup');


I know this particular code doesn't do it but is there something along these lines that I could use?

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