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Activate Grains By Geometry of an Animated Character???

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i m still new to Houdini its been a month now, and I have hit a wall

I m Currently trying to animate a character walking on sand and I want to use the Characters Geometry to activate the Grains.



1.  I tried Importing an FBX Character and using its geometry as a source to activate the Grains....not working

2. I tried Importing an Alembic Character and using its geometry as a source to activate the Grains....still not working


On either Case the grains continue to fall they do not SLEEP.......


Please advice on best practices or please refer to tutorials

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well since it's your one and only post so far, I would say post your file because:

- it shows your genuine effort in doing things yourself

- it saves other ppl having to try and mock up a file that magically matches your scenario.

- you don't come off as a parasite treating this forum as a free air tasker website, you know....wah wah wah..I want this and this and

this and no, you're not allowed to look at my file..but you are supposed to give me a fully working file.........for FREE....:blink:


yeah ppl might say I'm rude, abrasive....what ever....can't be bothered with those comments anymore.

So if I see you struggle with whatever task at hand (ie. your file), then I'm more inclined to help.

(don't stress, lots of ppl here are friendly, me i'm just usually grumpy)

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