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bind vector array

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I'm having a slight problem where I'm sure there's a quick solution I'm just overlooking.


On a geometry I create a vector array { {1,0,0}, {0,1,0}, {0,0,1} } together with a simple color {1,1,1}.

In a materialbuilder shader then, if I bind to the simple color and hook that up the the surface output I see the white color. However, when I create a bind for the vector array, get the nth element from it and hook this into the surface output, I cannot get any of the array vectors to display.

File and screenshot attached.

Thanks for your help!




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You need to set your attributes to primitives and not points. I guess Shop is looking for prim attributes and not point attributes by default. To get it working with points, create your material inside a MatNet and it will look for points attributes, at least I've tested it and it's working.



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shop and mat shouldnt make a difference, but array type is not interpolable, so it makes sense that it's a bit ambiguous as point attribute when sampled in a surface shader, it's similar with string attribs if I remember correctly, so prim is a safer bet for those

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