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Hide The Ortho Grid in Python

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Hi Everyone,

Can the the ortho grid be hidden in python ( I sure it can be ;) ) ? ( Not the reference Plane ! )

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Szabolcs,

I am using this script:

for pane in hou.ui.curDesktop().paneTabs() :
    if pane.type() == hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer :
        settings = pane.curViewport().settings()
        settings.setDisplayOrthoGrid(not settings.displayOrthoGrid())


Unfortunately, this change is not immediately reflected in the Perspective viewport. I sent RFE (quoted below), and SideFX logged this in their database; Bug (ID# 100052)

Please, if I use this script to toggle the grid in the perspective view,
then the change is not reflected immediately. I have to switch to Ortho view 
and back to Perspective to see the grid updated (toggled on/off)


If the same issue happens to you, please RFE it too and mention the Bug ID#

I am using version 18.0.353

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