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Make Difference in Alt Drag, Copy and Paste or Rename Node in Event Callbacks

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Can it be possible to make difference in event callbacks with copy, alt drag and rename a node.

The problem is when Houdini make a node copy ( duplicate, or copy paste ) makes a renaming too.

So in scripting I could not figure out how to determine which event occurs.

So I want to know when rename or copy paste or alt drag happened.




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Thanks for your answer !

Have a nice day !

I extended the code like this:

def is_copy_paste_event(kwargs):
    if not kwargs['node'].name().startswith('original') and not kwargs['old_name'].startswith('original'):
        original_node = kwargs['node'].parent().node('original0_of_%s' % kwargs['old_name'])
        return True if original_node else False
def checkAltDown():
    from hutil.Qt import QtWidgets
    from hutil.Qt import QtCore
    m = QtWidgets.QApplication.keyboardModifiers()
    return m == QtCore.Qt.AltModifier
if is_copy_paste_event( kwargs) and checkAltDown():
    print 'alt_dup', kwargs['node']
    hou.session._node_copy_mode_ = 'alt_duplication'
elif is_copy_paste_event( kwargs):
    print 'copied', kwargs['node']
    hou.session._node_copy_mode_ = 'copy_of_node'
elif not 'original' in kwargs['node'].name():
    if hasattr( hou.session, '_node_copy_mode_'):
        if hou.session._node_copy_mode_ == 'alt_duplication':
            print 'alt_renamed', kwargs['node']
        elif hou.session._node_copy_mode_ == 'copy_of_node':
            print 'copy_renamed', kwargs['node']
        del( hou.session._node_copy_mode_)
        print 'simple_renamed', kwargs['node']


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